Cameron Airen is a feminist consultant, interviewer, writer, teacher, facilitator with a masters in Anthropology and Social Change, and a B.A. in Women and Gender Studies. She’s excited about helping people integrate their feminist and social justice beliefs and values into their work and everyday life.  She’s also deeply involved with teaching people how personal growth, spirituality and social justice are intertwined and supporting them in their personal and social liberation.

One of her biggest passions in life is listening to people tell their stories and elevating diverse voices with her podcast, Real Feminist Stories. Cam is currently a digital nomad who loves traveling, getting creative in the kitchen, and obsessing over amazing women athletes!

If someone wishes to explore their own spirituality and divinity there shouldn’t be anything stand in their way of doing that right?  Right.  Except that so many of us are internalising messages of oppression every day from institutions such as the patriarchy, white supremacy and capitalism, that we may fail to see how they are truly impacting us; especially minority people who are bombarded with messages that things such as their sexuality, body, race, culture and so many other things are unacceptable.  All of these things deeply impact any person’s sense of self and desire to see themselves as a Divine and whole human being as feminist consultant Cameron Airen explains to us in this episode.