Britt Lynn is a self-study entrepreneur, serving as a spiritual expansion workshop facilitator, self-healing song channeler and transformation coach. Britt’s childhood and past of severe bullying, perfectionism, social anxiety and identity crisis laid fertile ground that would aid in turning her world upside down and birth a potent spiritual awakening during her final exam at Yoga Teacher Training with the ‘teachers teacher’ legend, Annie Carpenter of SmartFLOW yoga. Britt Lynn shares stories of synchronicity and transformation via youtube, blogs and in-person events, where she helps others come to know the Self more fully and radically shift their lives.

Is there such a thing as a true path, higher calling or one soul’s purpose for all of us? My guest on The Priestess Podcast today – BrittLynn – believes that there absolutely is. And that it is our greatest role in life as spiritual beings to find out what it is. Britt shares with us her thoughts around the concept of your own True North Path in this episode and in particular opens us up to the knowing that it is often our greatest wounds and shadows that can show us the way ahead and become our greatest teachers and light in doing so. Yep, all those pesky things that keep coming back around to us reminding us constantly that we are all beautiful works in progress and deserving of love and self-compassion as we walk through things together.