Britt and Tara Feed
Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg are shaking up the modern spiritual movement as co-founders of Elevate The Globe: a worldwide community of spiritual seekers looking to live out their wildest dreams and positively change the world in the process. With expertise in Kundalini yoga and meditation, astrology, manifesting, intuitive channeling, and mindset training, these best friends have overcome major personal challenges to step into their purpose as healers—and they’ve designed extraordinary lives for themselves in the process. Their mission is to help others do the same, through content that’s inclusive, fun, and free of fluff. Britt and Tara’s wisdom is having a profound impact on the Elevate the Globe community—and everyone who comes into contact with this new generation of lightworkers. They believe that elevating a single person’s energy can raise the consciousness of the entire planet, and they’re just getting started!

Do you have a morning routine or practice that you know deeply serves you? Or are maybe trying to establish one for yourself? If so then you will love my guests on The Priestess Podcast today – Britt Deanda and Tara Schulenberg. Britt and Tara share with us their very practical and down to earth wisdom on how to cultivate a start to your day that is intentional and filled with energy, grace and soul. From this place they believe you can then be at your very best throughout your day and create the type of life that is most reflective of you and any desire you may have to serve others. And the great news? The tips and suggestions that Britt and Tara share in this episode and their new book ‘Good Morning Intentions’ can be applied to any time of the day and so don’t step back if you’re not a ‘morning person’ per se. There is absolutely loving guidance here for you too!