Brigit Esselmont is an intuitive business strategist, entrepreneur, mentor and published author. As the Founder of Biddy Tarot, she turned her love for tarot into an abundant, 7-figure business that employs 19 people and serves over 7 million tarot lovers every year. Prior to that, she had a 15+ year career as a management and human resource consultant, working with Australia’s top companies. Brigit has been featured in Huffington Post, Body+Soul, Mind Body Green, Refinery29, appeared on numerous podcasts including Being Boss, Smart Passive Income, and Mind Body Musing, and has appeared on stage in front of live audiences across the US and Australia. She holds a Masters degree in Human Resource Management and is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis. When she’s not coaching, teaching, or flipping tarot cards, Brigit loves spending time with her two daughters and husband on the Sunshine Coast, Australia.

I don’t often like to use or lean into the word should, however in this episode introduction today – I’m going to. I think it’s well and truly time we should get past any notion that you either can’t make an abundant living from being a spiritual entrepreneur OR that you shouldn’t do so because it’s just not ‘spiritual’ anyway. Holy Goddess no! That’s a blatant swipe of the patriarchy and spiritual speak gone terribly awry if ever I’ve heard it and a really great way to keep women in particular small and not believing they are deserving of financial freedom and wealth. Brigit Esselmont, my guest on The Priestess Podcast today, is a living embodiment of a truly successful and extraordinary spiritual entrepreneur who is running a million plus dollar a year business. As a tarot reader and teacher of the tarot. Yep. Cards. Divination. Spirit. And she’s as grounded and relatable as ever a person you could meet. Get ready for the worlds of money, spirit and the Divine to meet in this episode and show you what is truly possible for your own abundance as well.