There are many luxuries that I am blessed to experience as a privileged western woman. Being able to buy fresh raspberries when they’re in season, never being out of my favourite organic hand cream and indulging my passion for travel come to mind.  And let’s not even mention the fact I have running hot water, a comfortable bed, feel safe and secure in my own home and am white with all the daily and generational privilege that comes with..

If someone was to ask me what the most luxurious thing is that I can create or experience for myself however, it would be the ability to have space. A space to sit and read quietly. Space in my local park to walk and dive my toes into the grass. Space to step away from my desk as a business owner in charge of her own time and think creatively – or think about nothing at all.

And so it feels as though the time has come for me to have an online space. An online home of my own.

I have had one before – some years ago now – but I closed the doors when I decided I wanted to have a website that served many others – a decision I have not regretted for one moment. And still passionately believe is a place where I am meant to be.

But the signs have been creeping in that I needed space for me for awhile now…

The desire to write more. The voice that has wanted to share in a more intimate way. The personal growth I have been experiencing on the remembrance path of the priestess (more on that soon) and so much more.

And yes, it has not escaped me that to create this space is somewhat indulgent. I did start out by talking about luxuries after all.

However for those of you who are writers, soul seekers, dream weavers and more, you will know more than most that what the heart wants the heart wants. And if your heart beats anything at all like mine then you will know it is a force to be reckoned with, not able to be unheard and a divine compass that one does not follow at ones own peril.

Thus, here I am writing, sharing and revealing again. And I couldn’t be happier or more excited.

What will you find here?

Honestly I am not sure.

Where once I adhered to a strict writing schedule that even had a monthly theme (hello!) now I am feeling into my writing more and simply touching the keys when called. Knowing myself as I do it will likely mean a lot about love, connection, spirit, business and belief.

However who knows?

I don’t expect you to shackle yourself in your life in any way.  And so I shan’t do the same.

Thank you so much for being here.