Belinda Davidson is a well-known psychic, small business owner, author and public speaker. She is the founder of The School of the Modern Mystic, a world class, online teaching facility dedicated to helping ‘modern mystics’ embrace spirituality and discover their life purpose. She is also a mentor and consultant, and amongst her private clients are celebrities, public personalities, doctors and business leaders. She is often referred to as the ‘secret weapon,’ because she has always been able to ‘see into a person’ and know what is not working.

Belinda Davidson shares in this episode of the Priestess Podcast what it is like to have been psychic all her life (yes since childhood!) and her thoughts on if we are all psychic too. If you have ever thought that you may have psychic abilities or the capacity to ‘see’ beyond the visual eye, Belinda’s story may just ignite a knowing inside of you that has been there since your childhood too.