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First time author Becca Piastrelli is back with us on The Priestess Podcast today to talk about her divine book ‘Root & Ritual.’ This beautiful talisman of wisdom is a rich exploration of what it means to ‘belong’ as a modern human being, and guides us with practical and soulful ways to connect with land, lineage, community and self. In this episode Becca and I dive deeply into the power of understanding our inherent relationship with nature, the miracle that is our DNA and ancestry, the lush relationship between food and our spiritual connections and the archetype of the wild woman. Root & Ritual is one of my most favourite reads of the year and a divine gift for yourself or a soul you love who is in search of greater meaning and connection in their life.

Becca Piastrelli is the author of Root & Ritual: Timeless Ways to Connect with Land, Lineage, Community, and the Earth and host of the Belonging podcast. She holds space for women to explore ancestral wisdom, connect with the earth, and find meaningful and inclusive community in the age of loneliness. She lives in northern California with her partner, child, two cats, and five chickens, where she gardens, cooks, mothers, and gathers with the ebb and flow of the seasons.


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