The line up for the inaugural Awakened Woman Conference made my heart ping upon first sight. A gathering of women from all over the world who were passionate about the Divine Feminine, personal growth and soulful business. And the tiny little umbrella on my poolside cocktail was that it was to be held in my beloved Bali.  Such a potent combining of feminine power, Mother Earth and the heart chakra of the world.

Originally in Sanur which I had never been to, less than a week before the conference, the location was moved to familiar territory for me – Ubud.  And even though I would have loved to see a part of Bali I had never been to before, I was not a smidge sad to be back in Ubud again especially upon seeing the incredible conference venue of New Earth Haven.

Throughout the six day conference (yes it was a big one!) I listened to many amazing keynotes from extraordinary women on topics as diverse as spiritual wealth, the power of our shadow and women’s sexuality. I particularly loved the words of feminist icon Eve Ensler (such a powerhouse!), the spirited Alexi Panos who was so fun, charming and approachable and public speaking maven KC Baker who relayed an extraordinary experience she had with Secretary Hillary Clinton. She was totally captivating as one would expect a truly brilliant speaker to be.

Awakened Woman Conference 2016 Ubud Bali

The workshops I went to I loved even more for the richness of conversation, engagement and experience they bought me. I loved hearing stories of the mystic and Divine under the beaming light of Elizabeth Stomp, being a part of the creation of the Omega Mandala with Christina Sophia Stellarum and the softness of being in a sacred circle experience with the truly beautiful Sora Surya No.

Sora’s expert knowledge and holding of space as a circle leader was beyond anything I had ever experienced and even though we had connected very briefly prior online, our meeting was one of the great joys of the conference for me. So much so that Sora is now co-leading the Divinely Feminine Retreat in Daylesford with me next year. Sisters in a former life?  Quite possibly so as when we started to create together it was heart exploding.

Sometimes you really don’t need to ‘get to know’ someone. Sometimes your soul just knows.

Awakened Woman was truly more than a conference. It was undoubtedly the starting of a movement. A worldwide movement of women embracing their full Divine self and supporting others to do the same.

The 2017 conference is being held in the USA and if even a small fraction of what I have mentioned here calls to you in some way you will undoubtedly have an incredible experience by attending too. Who knows?  You can even apply to speak and see yourself on stage in all your feminine glory.

How amazing would that be?