Asha Frost is an Indigenous Medicine Person and founder of Sacred Membership, a global online medicine circle community. She has served thousands of people in her work as a native healer, homeopath, teacher, and leader and has studied with shamans, medicine people, elders, and guides. Impacted by intergenerational trauma, Asha has worked to reclaim and remember her roots and medicine teachings. A Lupus diagnosis at 17 sent Asha more deeply on this journey of healing and reclamation. She has specialized in helping people heal through illness, mental/emotional disorders and trauma. Through this work, she has loved seeing people find their own healing wisdom, presence, and power. 

My guest on The Priestess Podcast today is the extraordinarily special Indigenous Medicine Healer Asha Frost. Asha is a descendent of the Ojibwe people and was deeply initiated onto a healing path when she was diagnosed with a chronic illness in her teens. In this interview Asha shares with us her belief that we are all our own greatest healers, the important first step to take in finding your own healer within, and her thoughts on the future of Indigenous medicine and sacred ways throughout the world. She also shares with us the vital importance of non-Indigenous people not taking aspects of Indigenous culture and using them in healing ways without being committed to understanding the full culture, stories and impacts of colonisation and white supremacy as they do. This is a beautiful, powerful and reverent interview that touched my heart. I am sure it will yours too.