Annabelle Sharman is an Indigenous Mutti Mutti Healer, Social Worker, Holistic Counsellor, Reiki Master and Life Coach and Writer. Her deep ancestral knowledge, spirit and wisdom guides every aspect of her healing work. Annabelle specialises in supporting healers, coaches, counsellors and guides to come home to themselves through her Yuma Healing Services, Workshops, Speaking, Events and the creation of Spirit Cloths which are intentionally birthed on the full moon every month. Annabelle’s mission is to guide you to your true Spirit and Self. The Spirit and Self that lives deep within you.

I never take for granted what an extraordinary privilege it is every time a guest is a yes to coming on The Priestess Podcast. And I certainly feel that privilege and honour today with my guest Annabelle Sharman. I first met Annabelle at a beautiful workshop about Indigenous wisdom and sharing, where she gave me a healing. And it was while Annabelle was holding space for me that I received a call, retrieved via message just moments after, that a dear friend of mine had passed. It was not a timing coincidence. Annabelle and I have remained in touch and connection to each other ever since and I am constantly in awe of the beautiful and deeply healing work she puts out in the world. If you are a coach, counsellor, healer or space holder yourself, I’m honestly not sure there is someone I could recommend more highly right now to explore your own capacity to hold space and BE the guide you most long to be. This is Annabelle’s magick – bringing out your own – through her Yuma Healing.