Anna Tsui is an executive leadership coach and international writer, speaker and serial entrepreneur. She is the Founder of The Intuitive Business School, a program that helps coaches, healers and business owners clear internal blocks and build their signature programs and fearlessly be themselves in their businesses. This generates more ideal clients and makes doing business much more fun! Her first book, “Shadow Magic: Use Your Fear as Fuel for a 6-Figure Coaching Business” shows readers how to overcome our personal self-sabotage to create more successful businesses. 

If you have been a regular listener of The Priestess Podcast you will know that I consider our shadow to be a gift, and shadow work to be life giving. Even though we have parts of ourselves that we don’t want to face and heal, doing so is often the pathway to untold growth and wonder – and it’s certainly hat way if we are a business owner. My incredible guest today – Anna Tsui – believes we all have shadow magic inside us and that if we are entrepreneurs, it has specific ways it shows up, presenting us with opportunities to work with it and help grow our businesses from a position of strength and what she calls our ‘executive voice.’ If you are a business owner or dreaming of becoming one, working with your shadow is going to be a must and Anna’s episode today may just be the portal to help you open up to do so.