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In the fast paced modern world we live in it seems sometimes as though we are always searching for something new, fresh and never before seen. Our culture is one that at times feels filled with disposables and an insatiable desire for the latest ‘thing’. And while new things can bring us so much, we surely must recognise that the old, the old ways, the ancient, the wise and wisdom filled, have deep merit too. I’ve often thought that a deep indicator of how well functioning a society is, is seen in how it treats its elderly and older citizens. The better that is, to me, the more likely enlightened that society would be. My guest on The Priestess Podcast today talking all things crone wisdom in her precious 70’s, is the extraordinary Anique Radiant Heart. Anique has been a High Priestess for decades and has inspired and worked with thousands of women around the world as they’ve been uncovering their version of this sacred leadership path. Her wisdom and humour and passion is timeless.

High Priestess of the Global Goddess, Goddess Scholar, Sacred Singer Songwriter, author and internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher, Anique Radiant Heart is a loved member of the International Goddess Community. A wise crone, Anique has produced Goddess festivals, conferences and led tours to sacred sites all over the world. In 2010, she manifested the Temple of the Global Goddess and now has a dedicated grove of ordained Priestesses. Dedicated to assisting women to reclaim their natural spiritual authority, Anique continues to teach women the power and joy that comes from a sacred path which celebrates the Divine Feminine. For the last 25 years, she has and does travel for 3 months each year, to share her teachings and music with daughters and sons of the Goddess all over the world.


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