Andréa Ranae is a vision-led facilitator and coach who believes that together, we rise. She is deeply committed to doing her part in cultivating a world that works for everyone and does so by placing her work at the intersections of personal growth, social justice and conscious business.

As the creator of Coaching as Activism, she supports people doing transformative work to deepen their impact by taking a critical look at how their work and lives are connected to social change. As the co-founder of Whole / Self Liberation, she offers and uplifts practical tools, resources and wisdom for those who want to make change happen in their lives and communities. As a coach and consultant, she works with entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations that want to be more inclusive and impactful in their work do so through their approach to leadership, their marketing and their company culture. She’s a huge fan of #blackgirlmagic, sunsets and soulful harmonies.

What does our spiritual growth and path have to do with social justice issues? For coach and social justice advocate Andrea Ranae – everything. In this challenging, opening and beautiful episode of The Priestess Podcast Andrea shares with us how if we truly believe that we are ‘one’ as human beings then our spiritual work and path must involve the unravelling of issues like white supremacy, homophobia and the patriarchy and the commitment in our lives, work and businesses to create a more just world for all.