Andrea Lewis is a Certified Spiritual Medium. After retracing her successful past-life as a Priestess, Andrea reclaimed her gifts and answered a deeper calling. It is her mission to help women heal past wounds between loved ones on earth and their family members in spirit. Through Andrea’s mediumship reading sessions, her clients experience a burden being lifted and they begin the journey of reconciliation and forgiveness.

Have you ever had a memory of a past life? I want to be honest with you and share that I THINK I have – but truth be told am not really sure. It’s an area for me that I’ve never really given deep thought to however I have now come into contact with many people for whom it is a significant part of their spiritual journey and who they consciously believe themselves to be today.

Andrea Lewis has had many past life memories and experiences and she shares those with us on today’s Priestess Podcast episode AND how you can know if dreams, thoughts, feelings or experiences you have had may be just a memory of yourself from a past life too.