All of us are cycling through life in some way at every moment. We are born, we live, we die. And in between those moments we are reborn and also live and die in metaphorical ways over and over again. The times in our lives where we cross thresholds of bodily experience or living can be profound for our sense of self and connection to earth and others. Menstruation, birth, creative undertakings, illness, loss, gain, puberty, menopause and so much more. All are in their own separate, but interconnected ways rites of passage and can be honoured with beautiful and sacred ceremonies. My guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Andrea Arare – is a soulful, experienced and divine guide in the realm of rites of passage and her wisdom and passion for this area lies ahead as inspiration for you today.   Andrea is a Mindset and Confidence coach whose mission is to guide fat, curvy, or plus-size women; women whose bodies don’t fit society’s notion of “ideal” to befriend their fears so that they can connect to their inner power, their intuition, and fully embody the life they truly want to live. As a plus-size woman, Andrea has overcome years of weight stigma, fat-phobia, low self-belief, and disconnection from her body wisdom to move into her full potential and achieve her career and life goals. Andrea couples her personal experience with her nurturing and encouraging style to help her clients live the life of their dreams too.