My guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Amy Lea – is a beloved human design, astrology and energetics guide. You only have to see her Instagram account to know why this would be as you soak in her generosity, wisdom and service to her community on there. Amy is with us today to talk about business energetics as I know that many of you who listen to The Priestess Podcast own your own business or potentially desire to. Amy shares with such heart and soul about how our businesses have their own energetic blueprint and nature and how we can attune to that and our own inner world to create greater flow, connection and results in our service to the world.   Amy Lea guides and mentors business owners and creatives using Human Design, Astrology and energetics. She is passionate about helping others create energy alignment and coherence, and cultivate deep self-understanding and reverence, by honouring their unique design and innate power.
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