Amber Bibby on Your Aura IG
Amber Bibby is an absolute delight. And I’m so excited to be bringing her to you as my guest on The Priestess Podcast today to discuss aura’s and the energetic field. When I approached Amber to be a guest on the show she very kindly said yes – and also then said if we’re going to DO this – we’re going to DO it – and as such, I want to read YOUR aura Julie. That was an offer I could not refuse, especially given I had never had my aura read before. My reading with Amber was divine, reassuring, illuminating and so much more. If you’ve always wondered what takes place inside an aura reading and what your aura actually is, Amber is here to share this with you today. I know you are going to love her as much as I do.


Amber is a certified breathwork practitioner, channel and intuitive guide based in Aotearoa. She is passionate about holding safe, supportive space where clients can release trauma, gain clarity and heal in a way that promotes personal and spiritual growth. Amber’s process is tailored to each of her client’s needs but centres around tuning into energy and spirit. Through this process she creates a bridge where guidance can be received and shared, connecting clients more deeply to their higher self. Amber believes the connection we have with ourself is a gift and through strengthening this relationship, magic is born.


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