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The term Christ Consciousness is a relatively new one to me. And I knew the first time that I heard it, it was something I wanted to deepen into further and learn more about. Then when I found Alia Walston I knew I had found the perfect vessel to deepen with and bring to you in this episode of The Priestess Podcast. While I don’t know what your beliefs or knowledge about Christ Consciousness are – you may like me – be about to have it’s true meaning opened up to you and even challenged. What is the role of Yeshua with Christ Consciousness? Is it only about or from the Christian faith? Or is it more than that and something we all have the capacity to connect with further? Alia is about to lead you on a journey that answers all these questions – and then likely raise more for you – as a true catalyst and initiator of spirit always does.

Alia Walston is an intuitive channel of Christ Consciousness working primarily through the lenses of tarot and astrology. As a caretaker of Love consciousness on this planet, the intention of their work is to support the liberation of the collective from old paradigms of victimhood, scarcity, and fear by facing our traumas and transmuting pain into empowerment. Their healing practice centers on making connections between the challenges and ecstasies of our evolution by helping clients to give them the tools to take nurturing, authentic action in alignment with their soul’s path.


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