Alexandra Wiatr

Alex is a sensual wealth coach who guides women to connect to their sensuality and unlock limitless exponentiality. Originally from Chicago and an entrepreneur at heart, she left her ‘on-paper perfect’ corporate fashion merchandising career and moved to Australia in 2018. Fast forward to 2022 – together with her husband and their two daughters on her hip – Alex has built a million dollar soulful product business in under 3 years. Alex has also coached hundreds of entrepreneurs across the globe to build ecommerce businesses, which led her to explore how the mind, body and spirit interact in business and the creation of wealth. Unraveling the connection between her sensuality, motherhood, and wealth has by far been the biggest needle mover in her own business and more importantly, in the lives of her clients. Her mission is to guide women and mothers everywhere to tap into their sensuality and alchemise the abundant lives of their dreams. 


My guest on The Priestess Podcast today Alexandra Wiatr knows a thing or two about pleasure and money. She is an incredibly successful business woman who is passionate about helping other women unlock their potential in a way that has soul, heart and depth at the forefront. Alexandra believes there is a core connection between our physical bodies and presence, our spiritual connection AND the abundance we are trying to call into our lives. In particular she believes this connection lies in our sacral energy centre and that it is a ‘secret’ place within us we can all unlock for greater abundance and personal connection and pleasure in our lives. Yes please and more to that ahead in this episode with Alexandra today.