‘You know how it goes…

You’re writing your About Page for what feels like the fifteenth time and twenty seventh draft, and you have no idea how your attempts to edit it down from thousands of words to a cool and glossy eight hundred have just seen it now be over three thousand.

I feel you! 

I had such a tough time writing my own About Page recently that I almost outsourced it to a copywriter. For this one though I really wanted to gently tuck in and do it myself and I did, but there were some – shall we say – outtakes, leftovers, didn’t quite make its? There were indeed and I want to encourage you that if you’re writing your own About Page right now and you have a sneaking feeling it may be a touch long, why not do what I’m about to do and share them in another way.  Your community want to get to know you and how you can serve them, and more and more I believe the way that happens is through them getting to know the real ‘you’ and all the unique things that make you the perfect person for them to connect with further.

So here are my about page leftovers. The ones that weren’t quite right for the main course…but I hope you agree make a nice dessert.

I am a bonafide Leo. A lover of being in front, taking care of my pride and ensuring my mane looks good; I’m a lover not a fighter. In saying that, inhumanity and arrogance make me roar. Loudly.

I waited many years before finding the great love of my life. He was worth the wait and came with a beautiful daughter who I have been privileged to help raise since she was a wee girl.

I am desperately devoted to my two adopted cats. The joy they bring to my life is unparalleled and you can call me old cat lady any day. (My beloved eldest Cookie has passed since I first wrote this and so now there is just boy wonder cat Leo – with the addition of a very fluffy Japanese Spitz dog Beau!) 

I live for laughing and making others laugh, especially on stage, where I feel incredibly at home.

I have an openly spiritual nature that I’m not afraid to embrace. I love crystals and oracle cards, and am no longer gently exploring the spiritual world of the priestess, but am fully immersed in it. I am a gentler, more intuitive and graceful woman for doing so.

Inspired by my 95-year-old Nana I planted a rose garden when I purchased my first home. It’s one of my great joys. (While Nana passed at 98 years of age her legacy lives on in my garden and roses which are beautiful. I feel her every day.)

I have a chair in my home where no work is ever done. It’s a place to sit, meditate, sip tea, journal, curl up, ponder. I highly recommend you get one for the same purpose.

I can’t wear high heels or bright orange anything, but I can and do wear a lot of pink, comfy leggings and intentional jewellery. Without apology.

I have a lifelong push and pull relationship with exercise. If it involves a treadmill or gym I’m left cold, but a gentle walk, swim or pumping dance floor I’m all over. 

I love raspberries, avocado, chocolate, organic tea and blue cheese. I dig kale, but brussel sprouts are an abomination. Let’s not speak of them again.

My smile is my best feature and I give great hugs. Try me when our paths cross. I’m willing for you to test my claim.