Self-Worth Midwife Abiola Abrams is a spiritual success mindset coach, advice columnist, and transformational speaker who is passionate about empowering conscious women leaders. Her empowerment tools include books, courses, meditation albums and goddess affirmation cards. Abiola gives advice on moving past fear on networks like the Discovery Channel and diverse organizations from Cornell University to London’s College of Psychic Studies.This Fall 2020 she will be making her Omega Institute debut with a 5-day spiritual healing retreat called “The Goddess Unmasked: Stop Hiding in Your Own Life.” Find her blogs, vlogs and podcasts at

My guest on The Priestess Podcast today – Abiola Abrams – is a wildly successful spiritual woman entrepreneur who works deeply with the Goddess in support of everything she does. Abiola travels the world hosting retreats, writing for magazines as a columnist and is a widely in demand speaker and best selling author. She shares with us how the Goddess first came to her in life, how she works with Her energy and her daily spiritual routine that supports her to create such magick in the world. Abiola is an inspiration in how she channels divine Goddess energy and you’re likely to pick up more than one way you can do so yourself from her time with us on the show.