Of all the places you could have landed on the interwebs you’ve stepped into my online home. And for that I am so grateful.



I’m Julie Parker and I am a life coach trainer, author, speaker, magazine editor and CEO & Founder of the Beautiful You Coaching Academy.  I’m also a modern day Priestess.  Yes, that’s a real mixed bag of lollies!

I run a global training company that supports incredible people to become life coaches and build the business of their dreams – all from the comfort of my cottage home near the sea. It’s fueled by love, tea, and a desire to make sure that this one incredible life I have been given is put to full use.

How did I manage to get here? Not by accident that’s for sure.


I grew up up on a farm raised by a loving single Mother who believed how much you gave to your local community was as important as your school marks. It inspired in me a passion for ‘helping’ and that nothing is more important than being kind.

I began my career as a social worker and counselor in an area rife with drugs, prostitution, refugees, gangs and homelessness. I pulled needles out of arms, witnessed babies born, got knocked out in a stray punch in a brawl and spent time sitting on the floor of many bedrooms listening to tales of teenage heartbreak. It cracked open my heart. Wide.

After nearly ten years of hard core street work I joyously worked for a number of wonderful charities where I found a talent for fostering relationships that raised a lot of money.  I was a pink cardigan wearing tornado who had no hesitation in staring a suit in the eyes saying ‘Can we add another zero to that?’ I then found what was to become the great passion of my working life – coaching. It lit a fire in me and I became hooked on the extraordinary transformations people underwent through its process. I knew it was what I wanted to do with all my working moments, but it was not to happen without heartache first.

The experience of being violently assaulted in an event that changed the course of my life, and soon after wrestling with a cancer diagnosis, saw my coaching business dreams halt. Vulnerable and lost I had to rebuild myself after a period of enormous personal heartache.  I moaned ‘Why me?’ far too often, but now know both experiences have been my greatest teachers and that no perceived or real fear will ever break me. Or my belief that anything can break you either.

Back on my feet I started coaching and one client turned into ten, turned into hundreds. I coached career women, divine mothers, athletes, models, community leaders, and a couple of superstars who I still get a kick out of seeing on a red carpet. Newsflash…they really are just like us.

I started to attract coaches who wanted to know how they could have the thriving coaching business I now did. I loved coaching them, especially in what I believe to be the greatest secret weapon of any business owner – self-love.  No longer able to stem the tide of a six month waiting list, I started to have crazy thoughts that I should start a school, teaching others the way of coaching I had honed over many years. After a lot of fearful thoughts I sheepishly emailed my newsletter tribe asking who might be keen to be in a pilot. I was in awe at the sheer flood of people who said – ‘I’m in.’ The Beautiful You Coaching Academy was born.

There are now more than 200 trained Beautiful You Life Coaches from around the world and we grow by the hundreds every year. Soulful spirited sisters and the odd divine man who have raised their hand to say I want to coach people in the ‘Beautiful You’ way. And I’ve gone from a social worker barely making above minimum wage to running a million dollar business, managing a team of extraordinary staff and holding a tiny piece of the hundreds of hearts that belong to each of our trainees.

Along the way I have popped up on tv and national broadcasts, seen my name and photo in glossy magazines, won a couple of super nice awards, had a book published, interviewed some of the worlds great change makers including Danielle LaPorte, Lewis Howes and Marie Forleo, and been blessed to speak to audiences around the world on the things I am most passionate about – love, leadership, authenticity, soulful business success and inspiring everyone I meet to fully grasp the knowledge that we all only get one life. Hand me a microphone and you get all of me – and then a little more.

Over these many years I have come to know that every person is inherently beautiful, capable of greatness and worthy of love.
And you, Beautiful One, are fully included in that belief.  

Whether you are here to soak up my writing on life, love and soulful business, wishing to interview and have me share some words with your tribe, or are thinking of bringing me to your stage – I send you love and gratitude for being here.

You have already touched my life by doing so and I am here in honour and service of the beautiful life I know you are consciously creating.

With Love,



Hailed by ELLE Magazine as a ‘self-help guru,’ Julie Parker is the CEO & Founder of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy where she passionately trains and supports heart centered people to bring their talents into the world as life coaches.  The Editor in Chief of inspired COACH Magazine, a published author, and in demand speaker, Julie has inspired thousands of people on stages all over the world for clients including Apple, Telstra and Earth Events.

Julie is the recipient of numerous leadership and women’s business awards and she appears regularly in the media including Sunrise and The Morning Show, as well as publications such as Cosmopolitan, Peppermint Magazine and Sunday Life.  Julie is also a modern day Priestess and is committed to contributing to a world where feminine qualities of intuition, presence, nurturing and love, sit comfortably within the realms of global for profit entrepreneurship.

Julie lives in Melbourne with her husband, stepdaughter and two much loved adopted cats.